There are a lot of areas where you can use our product: in the retail stores, in industry as small wireless information display, automotive, logistics, IOT and anywhere to display some data with the highest energy efficient and wireless way. Electric power will be used just for wireless data transmission and changing the display data. There are no needs for electric power to retain the information on the display after the display update and the whole electronic label can go to the sleep modus to save energy for the next wakeup with transmission and display update. Labels can achieve working condition for many years without the battery change.

EPD are well known for the best values in terms of display quality, efficiency, readability, long life and robustness. Main features and competitive advantages:

Modularity and easy customization of the solution

is one of the biggest advantage of our system. The whole system has been designed and developped from scratch in our company. From this perspective we can reuse and reimplement any other existing or future ePaper display modules, any other RF data transmission chips or any other electronic modules to accomplish customers needs. There are possibility to change wireless transmission, display, mcu, cryptography modules on demand. It is also possible to change wireless technology like wireless protocols, mcu behavior for sleeping and communication to support special customer needs. Public (AWS and other servers) or private (our private secure server) cloud and also on-premise solution (the most secure server installed inside your company infrastructure, store or company HQ) is available for today.

Low Power Consumption

ePaper displays are extremely low power, allowing retailers to use smaller batteries that last longer. Unlike other technologies, EPD is bistable, which means it only uses power to update an image, not to maintain it which significantly prolongs battery life of our labels.

Marketing store automation from the HQ and dynamic pricing

enable price flexibility and accuracy at the shelf-edge to meet competition, gain competitive advantage, maximize margins and gain customer trust. In addition to reducing staff needs to support price changes, ESL offers retailers the ability to update pricing as often as they want, while at the same time reducing pricing errors to customers and minimize fines in breach of the rules defined by the regulatory and govermental authorities in your region. There are many the different rules how to show price on any product label. Other rules describe how to display old and new price ("reduced") together within max. 2 weeks and many other special rules in different countries. With dynamic price system can retailers offer promotional pricing that responds to their customer traffic patterns (price optimization), or in response to an event, such as offering umbrellas at a promotional price as rain starts. [ "Happy hour", "Hourly/daily change of the sales reduction on demand", "Late night shopping sales"] Loyality programms enable to the retailers loyal customers can by awarded automatically with 5-10% price reduction or any other customer loyality bonus programm.

Automatic labels synchronization

with the POS (Point Of Sale) or warehouse DB system or any other inventory management system apply for high QoS (Quality Of Service) in your store. System updates wirelessly content on shelving signage quickly, efficiently and without the need to print paper tags or to deploy multiple employees to change them manually. Cost saving of the store printers, papers. It is possible to calculate ROI for ESL investition.

Enhanced readability

withh Wide Viewing Angle and Superior Outdoor Readability by direct sun condition without reflections of the labels with ePaper displays are one of the most important advantage against any other solution for today. There are some LCD modules on the market wich are cheaper but badly readable and with very small viewing angle. The shop customers will really appretiate the ability to read the product description and price as normal paper without any constraints in the light condition, viewing angle, blurry, saturation or contrast. The viewing agle is 180 degrees horizontal and vertical.

Customer interactive communication

with the labels as additional source of the product information on demand. The QRcode readable with consumer smart phone which links directly to the retail/producer eShop URL or possibility to switch different pages on the label to know more about the product is just beginning of the user communication with the labels.

Additional modules

There are possible to add some other systems into our solution because we developed this system from the scratch with our own protocol and modules. Systems like LPS (A local positioning system) with beacon infrastructure, intelligent lighting system based on PIR sensor network or any kind of customer moving behavior for marketing evaluation and calculation are open and can be added to our system on demand.

As a green and modern company

you give strong signal to the public, customers and for the competitors that you are heading to the future technology. This is your point for ecology and environmental movement as sustainable part of your business strategic direction. Do it before your competitors will do it before you and wins public acceptance of the business.

Size      Pixels         DPI	          Active Area (mm)  Outline Dimension (mm)
4.41"	  400 x  300	 113 dpi	  89.6 x 67.2       98.50 x 80.42 x 1.00
7.4"	  800 x  480	 126 dpi	  161.6 x 96.96	    169 x 111 x 1.20
10.2"	  1280 x 1024	 160 dpi	  203.2 x 162.56    218.30 x 171.76 x 1.20


Smart Information Network System

The new kind of sensor network based on PIR sensors, CAM modules, magnetic sensors, GPRS, 5G, LORA, SIGFOX, GPS chips and many others configurable devices and modules.

Main goal is to create independent, secure and reliable system as the source of the information to secure, protect, optimize growing conditions or help humans, annimals, cars, medical carts, buildings, companies, properties, vineyards, gardens and special devices for local regions. Customers can define events, alarms and business rules which can fire some actions like phone call, sms, email or any other handler like starts water pumps based on existing event occurence of the direct fact from each sensor or later resolved facts from the whole system. All sensors use electric power from the battery and/or solar pannels.

Flexible and easy configurable system with many different sensors. Each sensor can handle independent in context of collecting events, schedule or start wireless transmission immediatelly and to save power will sleep between any kind of defined interrupts.